Transparency and credibility are Pawsie's guiding principles. We rely on the strength of our collaborative network to develop the community. Our governance policies are outlined below.

Ethical guidelines
Pawsie is committed to following the ethics guidelines of the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec.
Editorial independence
Transparency and credibility are foundational principles at Pawsie, which is a neutral, independently-run platform. Pawsie publishes a wealth of content that's created by staff members, thought leaders, freelance writers, journalists, graphic designers and video artists. The editorial team are responsible for the choice of editorial topics published on the Pawsie platform and are guided by our goal to inform, educate and entertain our audience members.
Business model
Pawsie is an independent company, an initiative of Comunika, a marketing agency based in Montreal. To ensure that the public receives unrestricted, 100% free access to all Pawsie content, Pawsie receives financial support in the form of advertising agreements and partnerships.
Pawsie's sponsors are carefully selected from a variety of related sectors, including animal health. The financial support of our sponsors permits Pawsie to exist, however they are not involved in the direction or creation of our editorial content. Editorial independence is a fundamental principle at Pawsie.
Supported content
All supported content, provided or written by a third party, is clearly identified as such on Pawsie.

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