Would you change your life for your dog?

June 27, 2019

On a wet, early-summer Saturday afternoon our collaborator went to see a film that turned out to be part Pawsie, part dream-come-true.

You've adopted a rescue dog. He's showered your home with love and made the incredible life you share with your partner even more complete.

But there's a hitch. Your dog loves you… truly, madly, deeply. So much so that when you're gone, he barks (and barks) all day long.

You've tried dog trainers and animal behaviourists. But your kind neighbours have started to turn against you and—it was only a question of time—you've received an eviction notice from your landlord.

What do you do?

If you're Molly Chester, a chef, and John Chester, a filmmaker, you dig deep into your reserves of daring and decide to leave the big city behind to follow your wildest dreams: creating a children's-picture-book-style farm and building a life in harmony with nature.

The Biggest Little Farm is a moving and exquisitely-shot documentary film that chronicles 8 years in the life of Apricot Lane Farms in California (a state where you can apparently be evicted because of your dog's barking!). With a heartwarming cast of people and animals, from crushing disappointments to breathtaking joys, it records the wondrous forces of nature, friendship and the power of a dream.

It also shows how one seemingly simple, Pawsie-inspired decision can open a world of adventure and possibilities, while inspiring change—far and wide.

What would you do for your dog?

The Biggest Little Farm is on selected release in cinemas across Canada

Photo credit: @thebiggestlittlefarm


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