The southwest of Montreal: Ideal for dogs!

February 27, 2023

It’s a magnet for canines and their owners. Find out what makes this neighbourhood so dog-friendly and special.

Living in Montreal with a dog can mean sharing a tight space. But there’s no reason for your dog to feel cramped! In fact, Montreal’s dog owners often go the extra mile to give their pets—and themselves—the exercise they need. With its wide offering of animal-focused services and attractions, the southwest is hands-down one of the city’s best neighbourhoods for dogs and their owners. Here’s a sampling of what the hood has to offer …

Dog parks galore!
Dog parks are dotted all over the neighbourhood. To find the best park for your canine friend to burn off some of energy, check out this dog-friendly map.

“La Shop BMR”
If you live in Quebec or the Maritimes, you’ve probably heard of the BMR chain of hardware stores. But did you know that they recently opened a new line of stores which will make your pet salivate? This boutique-style hardware store has an urban and modern vibe and an entire section dedicated to the needs of companion animals (and their owners). All this while also providing for your every-day, around-the-house hardware needs. You can even bring your dog inside to shop with you. A water bowl and food await your pooch at the entrance.

The Lachine canal
To judge by the number of dogs and owners strolling along the walking path, the Lachine canal is definitely one of the neighbourhood’s leading attractions. It’s perfect for running, walking, biking … or just hanging out with your faithful 4-legged friend—while taking in the gorgeous views along the water.

Pawse Boutique
Located on Centre Street, this adorable boutique has a vast selection of high-quality animal accessories, food and treats. The boutique also provides numerous services to help you take care of your dog. From collars, to walking services; training sessions to workshops … Pawse has your dog-needs covered.

Lili & Oli Café
People go there for the excellent coffee, but also because you can bring Fido along with you—even if Lili & Oli isn’t officially a dog café. Be aware that (of course) only well-behaved canines are welcome inside.

Muzo Hotel
Welcome to dog (and cat) paradise! Muzo provides a range of services: boarding, daycare, grooming and training classes. Flying out of town and want to make sure you animal is pampered during your absence? Rest easy, Muzo has it covered. Your dog will love their safe, modern space, air conditioning, cozy bedding, on-call vet and much more.

Montreal’s southwest has it everything you and your dog need for a happy life!

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