Studying with your dog in Vancouver

Studying with your dog in Vancouver

You’re in Vancouver looking for a great café where you can hit the books with your dog at your side? Read on: Our picks all welcome dogs on their outdoor terraces.

September 19, 2019

Prado Café
Prado has several cafés in Vancouver and the surrounding area. Their popular 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters coffee is complemented with home-made food made on the premises with local, organic and fresh ingredients. Prado Café supports the British Columbia SPCA and helps them organize creative fundraising campaigns. You can also drop off donations for animals—such as games, blankets and food—at each of their cafés.

It’s hard to pick the most attractive Matchstick Café in Vancouver—they’re all stunning. Matchstick provides the perfect setting for studying in a minimalist environment, and they’re also a perfect location for group meetings. Good news: your pooch is welcome in all outdoor spaces.

Beaucoup Bakery & Café
People come to Beaucoup Bakery for the pastries but they stick around for the totally Instagrammable décor, with its marble tables, beautiful crockery and unique mural. And then, of course, there’s the coffee. So, put down your phone and make the most of your study break with your dog!

Photo 1: Prado Café

Photo 2: Matchstick

Photo 3: Misslexidoodle

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