Sharing the Pawsie effect at Pride Montréal

Sharing the Pawsie effect at Pride Montréal

Sunshine, companion animals and Pawsies were all present at Pride Montréal’s Community Day.

August 28, 2019

Dogs, Pawsies and a camera—that’s all it took to have a perfect day at this colourful and festive event. Our concept was simple: we gave festival-goers the chance to be photographed with their dog.

Pawsie team members waded into the impressive crowds, armed with a straight-forward question: “Do you have a companion animal?” Reactions were instantaneous: faces lit up, smiles beamed and people reached for their cameras to show us pictures of their cats and dogs. That’s the Pawsie effect!

People were then invited to pick an expression that best describes the relationship they have with their animal. And for the Pawsies who’d left their dog at home? No problem, they had the option of having their portrait snapped with one of our dogs—possibly the most photographed pets of the day!

Special thanks to the team at Fierté Montréal for having invited us to take part in this incredible day!

Photo : François Haché

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