Puppy yoga: You, your mat and several bundles of fur

September 6, 2019

Cats, dogs, goats … doing yoga with animals has been all the rage for several years. So, what’s special about Puppy Yoga? The company works with breeders who want to socialize their puppies before adoption. In a typical class, assuming that we’re following the mantra that everyone goes at their own rhythm and there’s no judgment, you can spend the entire time—if you feel like it—cuddling puppies. Let the cute fur balls rub up against you as you simultaneously (try to) focus on your yoga practice. It’s hard not to leave the class with your heart full of joy and wellbeing. Warning: it’s tempting to want to adopt one of the puppies. A range of events are organized in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. Bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. Puppies supplied by the organizers! (Catherine D’Avignon)

Photo: Puppy Yoga


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