Pet videos on TikTok: we can’t get enough of them!

May 7, 2021

The TikTok craze isn’t going away any time soon: these clips of furry friends will have you over the moon!

Mostly because it's a nonstop showcase for endlessly amusing trends, TikTok has come into its own as THE app for learning, laughing and letting loose from the daily grind. And for animal lovers, there's no shortage of content. Here are some of our fave trends gleaned from the platform! 

Cocooning with kitty

Scenes of cats chilling with their hoo-mans, clad in a bathrobe and a beauty mask, have had us in stitches for a while now. If you don't know what we're talking about, here's an example to get you started! 

Hap-hap-happy dogs
What's more adorable than a doggie who's happy to be out for his walkie? This TikTok trend featuring pooches waddling, shimmying and just generally having fun is the best! Not to mention, the tune used by the pet owners who've posted videos like these is a true earworm. 

Puppies aplenty
Need some feel-good fuel? All you need to do is type That's just my baby dog into the TikTok search bar to find a parade of pupsters, each more endearing than the last. And they don't get much more lovable than this one!

Pet preferences
Have you seen the “this or that” challenge, the trend featuring pets “revealing” their interests? The onscreen text and the direction your pet chooses tell viewers whether she prefers table scraps or her own food, toys vs. treats, etc. Try it with your dog or cat! Trust us, you're guaranteed to have a fun, funny time with them! Here's an example for inspiration.

Reaction shots
Our furry friends' habits and obsessions are constant sources of amusement. But have you ever closely observed your doggo's reaction when he hears a sound (in this case, a squeaky toy)? Plenty of TikTokers have tried the trend and posted the results, and they're irresistible! Some reactions will have you laughing, and others will make you go AWWWW! This one is just perfect. 

After checking out all these trends, you may want to launch your pet's very own TikTok channel!


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