Maison Lavande, a beautiful haven just north of Montreal

Maison Lavande, a beautiful haven just north of Montreal

Looking for a fun, dog-friendly outing with your family or friends to end summer on a high note? Visit Maison Lavande!

August 26, 2019

It’s less than 35 minutes from Montreal and has one of the most attractive lavender fields in Quebec. Discover their hiking trails and recreational area, indulge your senses in the perfume store and finish the day at their on-site bistro.

Maison Lavande also hosts a range of activities in a truly bucolic setting—such as musical performances and stylish picnics set in the lavender field. There’s something for everyone. It’s the ideal place for watching the sun set or celebrating a special occasion; beautiful memories (that you’ll want to share on social media) are guaranteed!

Hurry! Entry is free until September 2. After then, you’ll have to wait until next summer’s lavender season in June, 2020.

Photos credits: Maison Lavande

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