How is your pet feeling... today?

May 29, 2021

Technology never ceases to amaze. If you ever wanted to be better tuned in to your four-legged friend’s emotions, now you can, thanks to a “smart” collar!

Looking for a way to get even closer to your dog? The Petpuls hi-tech collar helps detect your animal’s emotions. This collar, available for just over $120 Canadian, was created in South Korea and works with AI-enabled voice recognition. Installed around your pet's neck and connected to your smartphone through an Android- or iOS-compatible application, the collar enables you to recognize whether your dog is happy, anxious, angry, sad or relaxed.

An innovation that earns honours!
The company that designed the collar has received several awards for innovation and cutting-edge engineering features, including Silver Winner from the Annual International Business Awards  in 2020. This “tech” collar, with its unique application and its functionalities that enable us to “feel” our dog’s emotions, is truly innovative and an attractive option for owners who want to better manage their pet’s well-being. 

Models for all tastes

What colour best highlights your dog’s beautiful eyes: blue, green, orange, pink or turquoise? Whichever, the Petpuls AI-powered collar is available in all of these hues, so it can be matched perfectly to your pet's fur colour. It is also adjustable to fit all sizes of dogs. 

If you’re an “early adopter” of the latest gadgets, this collar is for you… and your canine friend! Just make sure he or she doesn't feel uncomfortable with it. 

Photo: Petpuls


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