Green toys

May 18, 2019

Since our four-legged companions can't take action to help the planet themselves, it's up to us! That's why we're crazy about ECOAnimo toys, made from 90% recycled or reclaimed materials. Kitty will have a soft spot for the Copains-Câlin, a $10 cotton-stuffed leather and fluff toy. And Pooch will have a hard time choosing between the Popsicle, a $13 cotton-stuffed soft cloth “popsicle”, and the rope ball, an $8 throw toy made from reclaimed climbing rope. In addition, for every product sold on line, ECOAnimo will donate $1 to organizations that help animals in need. We love them! How about you? (Chantal Tellier)

Photo credit: ECOAnimo (website in French only)


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