Five dog movies to light up your Holiday season!

January 2, 2023

The Holidays are the perfect time to wrap yourself in a soft blanket with your pooch beside you and watch a movie with one or more actors he or she can relate to! Here are a few timeless seasonal favourites.

There are so many Christmas movies that you could watch them all year! However, animal lovers know that the best ones are those that feature beautiful dogs. Here are our top five Christmas movies featuring canines to watch or rewatch this year. 

The Grinch
What Holiday classic can beat the story of the Grinch? This movie—in various animated and live action versions, with titles that include The Grinch and How the Grinch Stole Christmas—is a must-watch if you want some laughs during this year’s somewhat sombre Holiday period. And for those who may not recall, the Grinch has a dog who lives with him in his cave. So although the Grinch’s grumpiness at first can be a downer, Max the mutt is always a joy to watch. 

101 Dalmatians
Another classic we never tire of is 101 Dalmatians and the terrifying Cruella de Vil! We can't get enough of the adorable dalmatians in this film. In addition to making you think of your childhood, you will be charmed by the multitude of adorable black-spotted beasts tearing around before your eyes! 

Snow Dogs
Do you have a soft spot for huskies? Snow Dogs is a touching film featuring not one but eight of them! Not only are the sled dogs magnificent beasts, but they’re also stellar racers! A film that will have you on the edge of your seat and enthralled by the beauty of these animals!

Snow Buddies
Are you more of a golden retriever fan? Watch or rewatch Snow Buddies! In addition to transporting you to a lovely winter paradise, this film offers a “cuteness” quotient that’s off the charts! 

Christmas with Tucker
Every dog lover who hasn’t got one dreams of finding an adorable puppy under the tree on Christmas Day… as we sometimes see in the movies. Well, Christmas with Tucker is likely to stoke those dreams, as well as cause you to shed a few tears, as a boy who recently lost his father learns the power of love for a dog.

No matter which film or films you choose, the relaxed Holiday days in front of the tube with your canine pal are always the best!

Happy Holidays! 


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