Fashion for a hip hound

Fashion for a hip hound

Are you a fashion fan? Share your passion with your faithful companion! Discover the must-have items for your dog’s wardrobe.

May 21, 2021

There are many options available to you if you want to pamper your furry friend with fashionable accessories. Whether it's to complete his daily routine with a trendy cushion, or to keep him dolled up every day, hours of online shopping await you! 

Opt for all-purpose items
To start your dog's wardrobe, opt for all-purpose items. This T-shirt, for example, from the Simons online store is ideal for starting your dog's wardrobe. This type of clothing works well with a variety of colours and pieces. 

Stylish accessories
Accessories can add a unique touch to your dog's style. Zara, which is well known for its fashionable products for humans, also offers some dog accessories. At the Zara Home shop, you can find cushions, leashes and dog bowls, among other things. This way you can combine your personal shopping session with that for your faithful companion. 

And when it comes to accessories, there are no limits! Leashes, harnesses, bags and collars are items that
dogs can never have enough of to add an extra touch to their most fashionable outfits!   

Seasonal items, of course! 
Some seasons have their own traditions! That's why a canine’s wardrobe should contain all the seasonal essentials. For example, a life jacket is ideal for the fast-approaching summer season. On the other hand, the most stylish pooches have a coat for every occasion! 

Whatever you choose, a stylish dog is paws-itively unique! 

Photo: zarahome

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