Cat accessories: Our top picks

May 3, 2020

Whether your cat’s playful, adventurous or (frankly!) plain lazy, here are some products that are bound to light up their lives.

They fill us with joy so it's normal to want to shower them with treats. Are you looking to spoil your cat without adding pounds to their waste line? Aside from a generous brushing, you might consider a great new accessory. Who knows, you may end up enjoying it as much as your cat will!

Microchip-activated cat flap
All cat lovers agree: cats are independent animals who like to go out whenever and wherever they want. Tired of the constant coming-and-going? Sick of opening and closing the door so that your favourite feline can head out (and back in) as frequently as they wish? If you're ready to tackle the issue, a microchip-activated cat flap might just be the solution you've been hoping for. Thanks to the microchip technology, the flap will open for your cat only … and you won't have to worry about your place turning into the hangout for all your neighbourhood's alley cats.

Penthouse cat perch
As any cat owner who has had to get their cat down from the top of the kitchen counter will tell you … cats like heights. If yours is a climbing kitty, why not get a perch? With its super strong suction cups, we like this model which fixes firmly to the inside of any window. Your cat's packing some extra pounds? Don't worry, you can get one that holds up to 20 kg!

The totally redesigned cat tree
Cast your doubts aside, a cat tree will provide your cat with untold hours of pleasure. You've been looking for the ideal model but haven't found one that matches your style? Check out Arbrasha, a Quebec-based company whose trees are 100% Instagrammable! Built from recycled birch branches, they're a happy change from the ones that are covered in carpeting! And your cat will be thrilled to jump about these striking structures.

Adjustable reflective collar
If you're concerned about tripping over your cat in the middle of the night, we might have a solution for you: a reflective collar with shooting-star motives and a built-in bell. It's adjustable and, thanks to its quick-release latch, won't be dangerous for your cat if they get caught in a branch. This collar will give you some peace of mind and is a great accessory for the cat who likes to hang out at night.

Some daily care and a lot of love, that's all it takes to make your cat happy. But a little extra treat from time to time can make your relationship that much happier!


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